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Michael Tymko

Peewee Director
peeweedirector at samha dot ca



Playoffs are almost complete and I would like to acknowledge the following accomplishments to date:

SA742 (Jason Babichuk) - Silver in Tier 6B (Sollanych Division)
SA744 (Steve Barwick) - Gold in Tier 2A (Dutchak Division)
SA745 (Keith Reiter) - Silver in Tier 2A (Dutchak Division)
SA746 (Scott Petter) - Silver in Tier 3A (Shave Division)
SA750 (Luke Brimmage) - Gold in Tier 4B (Vigneau Division)
SA752 (Les Ambrose) - Gold in Tier 6A (Dunnigan Division)
SA756 (David Yakielashek) - Silver in 7A (Sanregret Division)
Posted on Sunday, March 23, 2014

Minor Hockey Week

Minor Hockey Week was very successful in the Peewee division for St Albert.  I would like to acknowledge the following accomplishments:

SA741 (Duane Legge) - Gold in Tier 4C (Tanner Division)
SA742 (Jason Babichuk) - Gold in Tier 7B (Zaozirney Division)
SA749 (Dave Yaceyko) - Silver in Tier 4C (Tanner Division)
SA750 (Luke Brimmage) - Gold in Tier 5A (Cameron Division)
SA758 (Shawn Burr) - Silver in Tier 8A (Feader Division)
SA780 (Jeff Leyer) - Gold in Tier 1A (Clagget Division)
SA781 (Niall O'Donoghue) Silver in Tier 1A (Clagget Division)

Congratulations to all on a fun and successful week.

Posted on Sunday, January 19, 2014

2012 - 2013 Peewee Program

The evaluation and draft process are over.  All players are now all on teams and can start having fun playing hockey.

I would like to thank the following coaches who are taking the lead position in the Peewee program this season:

          SA746                Scott Petter
          SA747                Paul Reid
          SA748                George Gilbeau
          SA749                Dave Yaceyko
          SA750                Luke Brimmage
          SA751                Greg Swecera
          SA752                Les Ambrose
          SA753                Marc Girard
          SA754                Tim Pedrick
          SA755                Curtis Sexsmith
          SA756                Dave Yakielashek
          SA757                Brent Larison
          SA758                Shawn Burr

I wish you all an enjoyable and successful season.

Posted on Thursday, September 26, 2013

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