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Permit Applications

*Please read before applying for any permits*

If your team is entering a tournament that is outside of our zone (remember Edmonton is not in our zone) you need to apply for a travel permit through SAMHA. The approved permits will be posted on our website. 


If your team is hosting an exhibition game, no matter where it is played (even in St. Albert) you need to apply for an Exhibition Game permit through SAMHA.  As with travel permits approved results will be posted on our site. 


If you are attending an exhibition game (not hosting), the only time you need a permit is if the game is outside of our zone. 

Interlock teams: You need to apply to Edmonton for all tournament and exhibition games. 

If you are unsure if you need a permit or not, please apply and we will let you know - it is better to be safe than sorry.

January 2016 -Information Bulletin Please read before applying Click Here

To apply for a Travel Permit
click here

To apply for an Exhibition Game Permit click here

Travel Permit Form to be submitted with your game sheet
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**When applying for permits it may take a minute or two for the application to go through.  Please do not click submit more than once.  If you are unsure if your permit went through, please call the office at 780-459-4052**
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