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Parent Development

As parents, we all strive to achieve the best possible situation for our children. The Development Goal is to provide our members all of the tools required to help your child achieve their goals. As well, to hopefully develop our next generation of coaches that will give back to the program that helped them along the way. 

We strongly suggest taking a look at the LONG TERM PLAYER DEVELOPMENT model from Hockey Canada & Hockey Alberta. This is the model SAMHA is currently forming it's program around - CLICK HERE

Concussion Awareness

We all take a part in being aware of the signs and symptoms of a head injury. Take a few minutes to read these resource, Or go the extra step for your player/child and watch the video. CLICK HERE

Also, you can click on the following HOCKEY CANADA link CLICK HERE

Why is 1/2 Ice Important In Your Child's Development
If you think of sports other than hockey, there's something common among them that hasn't fully made it's way to hockey yet, but it's coming. Here's a couple examples of other sports and how they adapt to the younger athletes development:

- Soccer - Smaller Fields than the Professional level         

- Basket Ball - Shorter Nets than the Professional level      

- Baseball - Pitching mound is closer and the bases are closer than the Professional level     

- Hockey - Currently played on the same size as the Pro level...

A strong reason for making their playing "areas" smaller, is to help the athletes develop skills at a faster and more effective rate. By shrinking the playing surface, some may feel that this would hinder your child's development. When in all actuality, it will do the exact opposite. 

The key to any sport or skill is to get as many touches/reps as you can. By shrinking the playing surface, you:

- get more puck touches      

- get less tired = more effective mental play      

- more coaching instruction/ 1 on 1  

Chasing the Dream

Obviously we aren't in the sport of football, but we want to make sure that we are giving our kids the right message. This graphic can be shared through any sport. Let's not lose site that this is a game that should be incorporated into life to support the overall betterment of the athlete and person. We want to see everyone succeed, no matter what path they choose.


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