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The city of St. Albert supplies a regular weekly allotment of “usable” ice to SAMHA between September 1st and March 31st each year. As has been the case for the past several years, the city is not able to supply SAMHA with enough weekly hours of ice to meet our program demand (modelled after Hockey Canada’s Long term athlete development program). We have been fortunate to have fostered a long standing relationship with the Edmonton Garrison Military Fitness Center, and have been able to rent enough ice to offset this demand. With our current shortage of ice, we are unfortunately unable to assist teams in acquiring additional ice to rent locally. We are often contacted by coaches looking to pick up extra ice throughout the hockey season.

We have outlined some options for teams interested in picking up extra ice:

1. St. Albert outdoor rinks open in January and February
Weekly slots are posted on the SAMHA website in the fall. Rates range between $10-30/hour depending on amenities. Bookings and invoices coordinated through the SAMHA office.

2. Rural arenas outside of St. Albert
Examples include Calahoo, Legal, RQB, Morinville, Canadian Athletic Club (CAC), River Cree, etc. Contact the Facility Manager directly. Many of these arenas have email distribution lists and will send out a mass email when ice is available. Rates range between $175 - $300/hour. Check individual arenas for rates.

3. SAMHA ice availability page
Includes last minute ice returns and any excess ice (if applicable) once teams have been formed. All excess ice will be posted here on this page. Check back regularly. Rates range between $145 - $251/hour.

4. SAMHA classified page (right column menu option on the SAMHA website)
Teams looking to sell their previously acquired ice may post on this page. NOTE: any SAMHA supplied ice cannot be sold. 

5. Weekday early morning in St. Albert
The City has ice available on weekday mornings before school/work. Rinks open at 6am and are often available to rent between 6-8am for a discounted rate. Contact the Ice Allocator by email – for availability. Rates start around $100/hour depending on the rink and start time.

6. City of St. Albert holidays, pre-season and other occasional openings
The City will post any extra city ice available on stat holidays, Xmas break, pre/post-season when the rinks are not at capacity. The city has asked all SAMHA coaches to book available ice through the SAMHA Ice Allocator so that Hockey AB insurance coverage can be confirmed. SAMHA teams booking directly with the city must purchase their own insurance.

Steps to follow:
a) Check this website for open ice -
b) If you find something to book, email the SAMHA Ice Allocator – with the requested start time, duration, date and location, as well as the Coaches name and your team number.
c) SAMHA will send your request to the city and confirm once this has been booked
d) The city will invoice SAMHA for this ice and SAMHA will invoice your team for the amount charged by the city Around $145/hour. Bookings and invoices coordinated through the SAMHA office.

Additional questions or concerns? Please contact your Division Director 

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