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Checking Skills

Checking Hockey - "A Timeline for Change"
Paul Carson - Vice President Hockey Development - Hockey Canada

Please see Paul's presentation given at the Hockey Alberta AGM in June, 2013
"A Timeline for Change" Click Here

Below is a list of follow up documents to Paul Carson's Hockey Alberta AGM Presentation

BC Rates of Injury - Click Here

Effectiveness of Interventions - Micahel D. Cusimano - Click Here

Risk of Injury - Emery - Click Here

Injury Risk - Body - Click Here

Study on Concussions - Click Here

Position Statement - Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine 1988 - Click Here

Position Statement - Bodychecking in youth ice hockey - Click Here

Risk Compensation - Click Here

Body Checking Commentary - Paul Carson, Stephen Norris; August 2006 - click Here

Body Checking - Fact Sheet - Click Here

Canadian Amateur Hockey Association Bulletin - Click Here

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